How To Survive Your First Agility Trial Part 5 – You Did It

dog20tired20in20grass203After your run, let your dog relax. Give him a treat and put him in his crate and leave him alone until your next run.

If it is hot at a trial DO NOT GIVE YOUR DOG ICE WATER OR ICE. Dogs have bloated from doing this (a serious medical condition that if not treated promptly can lead to death). Cool water is fine, but skip the ice. Most trial sites will have a hose or small pool to cool off your dog.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun with your dog. This is a GAME, and we play it to enjoy ourselves, our dogs, and our fellow competitors.

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  1. Yes, let your dog relax after and between his runs – but do not underestimate the need to cool your dog out. Cool-down is as important as your warm-up routine. Alternate walking, jogging and stretching (for both you and your dog). Then offer a bit of water and walk a bit more. I usually aim for 15 minutes of warm-up and about the same in cool-down.