You Love It!

dog20tired20in20grass203The Love-me-hate-me contest is now closed, and we have a winner! Congratulations,  Kathy!  You’ve won three sets of E-Z sacks to help you keep your course in place!

Thanks everybody for participating, and stay tuned here at Agility Fusion for more contest and training tips upcoming!

And the results of the contest… you all love spending time with your dogs, and most of you hate letting them down. Some of the answers made me laugh, and some made me nod in sympathy- for instance, the long wait to get into the ring.  It’s the hardest part of competing.  And the driving… but it’s all worth it, in the end, when your dog grins at you, and you’re off! Then, when you’re done playing agility, the happy tired dog lying at your feet, content with the world is a reward unto itself!  Definitely worth it, don’t you think?