New Kid on the Block

What a lovely cup of tea! for me?
What a lovely cup of tea! for me?

And it looks like they’ll be fun to play with!

UKI Agility has come across the pond!  This organization is a fun, lighthearted place to work with your dog and brings ‘european’ courses to America, with their tighter turns and big handling challenges without their being a huge equipment challenge- the A-frame tops off at 5’7”.  Dogs have angled entries to go through, and handlers have cross-over challenges.  Think of European courses as the Da Vinci’s of the Agility world- they’re real works of art, in a simplistic, understated way.  They require thought and preparation but in the end… it’s oil on canvas.  It’s you and your dog!

While this may not be your cup of tea, there’s more!  You can bring toys’ on-course for ‘training runs’, which means you can take your trial-shy dog for fun runs with toys, and then do a real run later in the competition! Think of how much zoom you could avoid!  There’s also ‘nursery class’ for debuting dogs, which I know is a blessing.  You can also enter a trial online (that’s right, no postage!) and keep track of your scores online as well.

The organization is still in the infant stage here in the U.S., but check here for a trial near you and try it out- you may just find that you love it!  (I know I’m going to try it once my dog is old enough!)