The Importance of Timing

This week is both my least favorite, and favorite of the year. Least favorite because I’m exhausted in the morning, and don’t want to go to bed at night, and favorite because… there’s still daylight when I get home! I can do something fun! So timing in my day is very important. First thing in the morning I try to do my ‘rote’ behaviors, and then move on to the more complex things later in my day.

Knowing that timing means a lot in my day, I thought about it as it pertains to agility. While we all know agility is the race against course time, and Gamblers doubly so, think about your timing when in practice. Are you going straight out and heading for a tough obstacle? Your ‘problem child’ that you hammer at over and over?

Your dog might still be ‘asleep’. Warm up! Do some ‘rote’ behaviors, like a jump or two, then head for that perfect entrance with a ready dog.  You’ll find you handle faster, which in turn means… you got it… more agility!