April Showers Contest Winner!

I asked everyone to tell me what their favorite dog trick was, trained or untrained. We had some awesome answers that made me laugh and go ‘awww’ equally!

The winner was Kris! Her dogs’ trick was

“Bailey Jubilee my smooth collie did a cute trick several years ago. We were doing a agility and obedience demonstration for school age children. The kids were lined up in a straight line in front of us as we were getting ready to leave. The thought was as we walked by each student could pet Bailey and say good bye to her. Bailey being the agility dog had other ideas. Instead of walking down the row in heel postion with me she treated the 21 students as weave poles and weaved in and out of them to the very end. The students loved it and Bailey had to do the same trick several times for them.
That has to be one of the best proofing of weave poles I have ever witnessed.”

Isn’t that an awesome untrained (but trained!) trick? She won an aqua hurdle!

Stay tuned for our next contest!

1 Comment on “April Showers Contest Winner!

  1. Bailey says thank you for picking her. She loves the water so much so she likes to play “Loch Ness Monster” at the beach… she lays down in the water so the only thing that shows is her head which she turns left to right watching the waves. And I know her sister Smoothie Wren and brother Aussie Cody will love it too.