He’s Lovin’ It!

Anyone who owns a small dog can tell you- they don’t really believe they’re small! They think they’re big and beautiful. They’re definitely beautiful!

Agility is for everyone! Small dogs enjoy it as much as any border collie, and while they may be happier using smaller equipment, they definitely perform as well.

By popular demand, Affordable Agility has started carrying its’ own line of small dog- TDAA- equipment! (Check out our new teacup teeter! It’s perfect!)

Look at this sheltie go! And that videos’ not on a loop. He’s really having that much fun with a teeter! (note: we do not suggest letting your dog do take-offs like he’s doing.  Apparently he exhibits proper behavior when asked to do his teeter. 🙂 )

3 Comments on “He’s Lovin’ It!

  1. I think I remember reading in the comments on the film that he does behave differently when he’s actually asked to do it- kinda like many dogs lie down flat when they lie down, but lie down alert when they’re asked to? 🙂

  2. That’s insane! Never seen a dog love the teeter for teeter’s worth. He’s got some bad habits with it though. Habits that would be impossible to break come trial time. But fun video to watch, thanks for sharing it!