It can be difficult to support shelters the way we’d like to. is a website where EVERYONE can help give food to shelter animals!  There is a trivia question every day, and for every answer you give (even if its’ the wrong one) you give ten kibbles of dog or cat food.  While ten kibbles may not seem like a lot, think of it this way.  If ten people do it, that’s a hundred kibbles.  That’s a quarter cup.  That’s breakfast for some dogs!   It takes a second, and you can do it every day. If ten people do it for ten days, that one thousand kibbles!  That’s a respectable amount of food! (there’s a link for cats, too!)

There are several hundred subscribers to this blog.  If everyone does this, we could contribute 6,000 kibbles in just one day!  It takes so little, and yet it can be so much to a needy animal.

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