May Contest: Event Vent

Event Vent…. What is your biggest complaint about how things are done at agility trials?

What could you do to change that or influence it?

And the second contest question is- what do you think is your dog’s favorite part?

The prize this month is an clix whizzclick!  This thing is awesome! It’s a whistle and clicker in one unit, and comes with training instructions for both tools.

The winner will be picked by a random number generator on May 29th and announced later.

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25 Comments on “May Contest: Event Vent

  1. 1) I don’t like coming to a trial early to get a good crating spot and finding all the space covered the night before with tarps, saving the space for people who don’t show up for hours.

    2) Although I am guilty of this on occasion sorry to say, I don’t like people blocking the aisleways, not moving when you need to get by. (I do move when I realize what I am doing)

    3) People standing in the ring area with obsessively barking dogs completely oblivious to the racket.

  2. My dogs and I love TDAA trials. They are excellent and well organized for my smaller dogs. I belong to a local dog training club and have worked as crew member for AKC and CPE trials and learn new methods each time just by watching the handlers and judges.

    My peeve is handlers who don’t appreciate how very hard their dog partner is working and trying–irregardless of Q or non-Q, dropped bar or perfect run. All dogs deserve praise for trying. That big ring with large dogs barking nearby can be a scarey situation–any effort (except running away from the handler) deserves praise. I recently worked an event where a handler actually kicked his dog as the leash was reaplied at the end of the course. (This did not go unnoticed by the judge and the handler was whistled out of the ring and required to sign papers regarding the incident.) The same dog and handler ran an event later in the day. The dog had had enthusiasm and speed for the first run, the later run found the dog unwilling to run at all. No wonder after experiencing a kick in the side following the first run. Praise, love, rewards and praise–remember the dog is there because YOU want to be there–not the other way around. Reward your 4-legged partner for playing with you!

    My dogs cross the finish line with a big “smile” on their little Boston faces, I scoop them up in my arms and the praise/reward begins–all the way through releashing to fresh cool water and treats once outside the ring–and lots and lots of Boston kisses on their part with hugs and pets on mine! That has to be the favorite part for all of us–good run or not!

  3. Start line…especially the upper levels. If the judge says to get on the start line when the dog goes through the purple tunnel that means to get your dog on the start line when the running dog goes through the purple tunnel…not when the dog is totally done. If there are 350 runs and each person takes an extra 10 seconds that’s 3,500 seconds = 58 minutes. ONE HOUR EXTRA!

    It’s just painful to watch one dog finish, the next dog slowly trod into the ring, owner fumbling with the collar, “stay Fido, stay”, owner walking away from Fido, checks in with judge one more time (who is thinking “I’ve been ready”), looks at Fido and FINALLY releases Fido from stay.

    How to solve it? Easy! If you aren’t ready to go when the judge is ready for the next dog you lose your turn. Harsh? Yes. Will it solve the problem? Yes. My guess is people would be RACING to set up their dogs. Time saved and I don’t vent any longer.

    Second part—dog’s favorite part? Licking the ring crew or judge on her run-by. Why not? If you can still get in a quick dog-kiss, never fault and still make time then why not do it? She’s a multi-tasker.

  4. My peeve is the LONG days when AKC clubs include FAST – first run (FAST) at 8, second run (Standard) at 1pm, third run (JWW) at 4pm – and it’s WORSE for the novice people who might be stuck there until 7pm.

  5. I don’t like seeing dogs being stopped mid run because of a dropped bar, etc. and leaving the ring. Often the mistake is due to the handler giving a late cue, a horrible angle, etc, and I don’t think that the dog can possibly know what has happened other than they didn’t get to have much fun.

    I really think that my dog enjoys spending the day with me just as much as I enjoy spending it with him.

  6. In our area AKC trials always start with the 24″ dogs running Standard and the 16″ class JWW.

    Besides not being a “morning person” I find the sameness boring. When traveling out of the area it has been fun to watch other classes run before we were up.

    My dogs love being outside with me and their agility friends.

  7. I have nothing to complain about any agility trial. I so appreciate that so many people make it possible for us to have fun with our dogs. My dog loves agility and so do I. Twister and I do CPE and Teacup Agility. I think both venues do a great job. Agility is all about fun. I would get up really early any morning to play with my dog. Hats off to the judges and places that hold agility trials for us.

  8. …. What is your biggest complaint about how things are done at agility trials?

    My biggest complaint is people who do not control their dogs. It is alway so surprising to me that agility dogs are so out of control in and around the rings and their handlers are so oblivious. Such behavior would not be allowed in other rings such as obedience or conformation. I see people amping their dogs just outside the entrance and exit while others are attemping to enter or exit the ring and at every tril there are several confrontations and the same people are repeat offenders almost as if they think they are entitled. Also people who allow thier dogs to bite them in the ring often have the same dogs biting at other dogs outside the ring. Thankfully I love this sport and I teach others to be very careful of where their dog’s nose is at all times.

    What could you do to change that or influence it?

    I believe that many people amp their dogs way to high, especially people that do not know how to control it nor teach their dogs how to control themselves. If the dog attacks it’s owner or another dog the dog should be excused…period for the day.

    And the second contest question is- what do you think is your dog’s favorite part?

    My dog’s favorite part it the actual running and jumping (the work)…she very seldom wants a reward other than to chase a toy as a cool down. And spending the entire weekend with me is also way cool!

  9. We’ll let you know after our first trial in June!!!! What does my dog like best? 3-2-1-CONTACT!!!! The boy is obsessed with his A-Frame and has been since he got on a low one as a little pup. (oh, yeah, and he’s a Lab so any treats top everything)

  10. Those of us who come from the horse show world would never really complain about having to run a dog early…try having a horse warmed-up and ready to go for a 7:30 AM class…I also would not complain about the costs after thirty-five to fifty dollar entry fees, plus grounds fees, association fees and all sorts of other fees that come with any approved horse show. I can almost afford the agility trials…I have a feeling I am still paying off horse show entries and I haven’t gone to one in four years!

    The one thing I would like to see changed is the way measuring is handled, at least in our area. The show judge has to do it and as we all know, the judge (especially at a one judged show) already has his/her hands full. It is stressful having to have a nervous novice dog measured right before he has to run and that is what usually happens. I even had a friend miss her first class because she could not speak to the judge in time to get the dog measured! I would much prefer that there was a designated measuring official at the show to take care of it…even if a small fee was charged. A notice could be in the entry: “measuring official will be on the grounds each day from …to…” Then you could get your dog measured, and have time to let him relax before he had to run.

    I also would like it if there was a way of announcing when different classes were coming up. That was one good thing about horse shows…they always announced what class was going and what would be next.

    What does my dog like best? I am sure he would say all the good treats (especially roast beef) are high on his list of favorite things. He also, however, loves tunnels, dogwalks and jumping through the tire!

  11. Complaint is dogs that bark non-stop. Allowing one’s dog to bark constantly is rude in my opinion.

    Part dog enjoys most – running her course.

  12. My Pet Peeve is when they don’t follow the same order of classes at the trial as they list in the Premium!

    As someone else mentioned, trialing is a very expensive hobby these days. I almost never enter every class anymore, and as yet another person mentioned, there are always some venues where you can pretty much guarantee they will run late, sometimes VERY late. My ‘solution’ for these venues is to avoid entering the last class of the day – or in other better run venues to enter classes running back to back rather than the first and last class leaving a ton of downtime in between.

    Nothing is more annoying than receiving my confirmation only to find that they have totally swapped the order of the classes so I have to be there for the first class and then have to stay late for the last class … with nothing to do in between.

    Solution? Would it really be THAT difficult to put some thought into what order you want to run the classes BEFORE you post the premium? This is especially prevalent in CPE events.

  13. As someone who runs in Excellent and has chaired a trial, I can say that there are good reasons for starting trials early (usually having to do with getting folks on the road home on Sunday afternoon)…and at one-ring trials we start with Excellent.

    My pet peeve? judges who don’t exhibit good time management. I was chatting with a judge at our most recent trial about this; he said “yes, there’s nothing worse than seeing an empty ring for no reason”. The judges I appreciate most keep things moving crisply: the only time the ring is empty is the required 5 minutes after a walkthrough and before first dog on the line. I’ve been to trials where nothing is happening in the ring for 30 – 45 minutes, the judge is off somewhere, and we’re all twiddling our thumbs. As a trial chair, I don’t hire those judges :-).

  14. Luckily, I hardly ever experience my biggest complaint. I normally compete at the local ASCA trials which are efficiently run – running orders are posted at the correct time, dogs are in and out of the ring efficiently and results are posted promptly.

    But, they have totally spoiled me for other venues. There are a few others where there are big time lapses between classes, results are hard to find or not posted until hours after the class and the running order is posted at the last moment.

    Three cheers for those venues which are run efficiently. They make competing much more enjoyable.

  15. The biggest problem for me are handlers who allow their dogs to get in every other dogs face. I have one dog friendly dog and one that really doesn’t like strange dogs sticking their face in his. Of course the other handler always give me a dirty look when my dog snarls. My dog is not the one being inappropriate. Imagine if I walk up to the handler and touch my nose to the theirs and we had never met. I am not sure the people I do know would appreciate this either. People need to pay better attention and remember just because your dog is ok with other strange dogs mine may not be. This does not make my dog a bad dog or an aggressive dog or a dog that should not be able to compete. Be considerate of others space and if you have your dog with you it is your responsiblity to make sure everyone stays safe. Let’s remember most everyone has food and is feeding their dogs. Would you want someone coming over and trying to steal your candybar from your mouth? Be aware of your surroundings and make sure your dogs is being polite. Ask before you allow your dog to approach. If I see a dog that is being impolite I will not allow them to approach my dog friendly dog. One bad experience can hurt them emotionally for life.

  16. I hate when the check-in sheets are not available until AFTER the walk-through starts. Then ring crew are yelling for everyone to check in, and I hate missing part of my walking time to deal with it.
    One of my dogs loves running the course more than anything, the other loves getting treats after she runs.

  17. I hate the way exhibitors stand around talking about their latest run or greatest run or how hard/easy the course is/was and block the way into the ring or the way into the ring area. I also had the dumb looks I get when I say, excuse me as I’m trying to squeeze past them. Talking is great, but do it somewhere where you are not blocking other peoples movement.

  18. One thing I don’t like about some agilty trials is when they’ve “over-booked” or things didn’t run efficiently to where you are there way too late. I can handle it because it is something I’ve chosen to do to have fun; but my poor dog is really “out of it” by the end of a really long day!

    Don’t know what I can do to influence a change in that; just avoid trialing were I know that tends to happen.

    My dog’s favorite part is getting lots of attention from all these new people!

  19. What is your biggest complaint about how things are done at agility trials?

    Biggest complaint: Crating area. People saying they are “saving” a spot for their friend, neighbor, etc. And that leaves you to go off to try to find another spot to place your crate and belongings.

    What could you do to change that or influence it?

    A sign or in the premium stating that all crating spots are first come first served…no saving of spaces.

    What do you think is your dogs favorite part? – Getting a treat after a run…whether a good run or a NQ.

  20. DITTO!!!!!!! For the very early morning starts.I find that even if I’m not first to start, I’m always one of the first to be a volunteer.You just can’t win.
    My dogs loves getting all his yummy chummies all day long.

  21. I guess my biggest complaint is the entry fees: they could be lower, especially when you enter multiple dogs and all the runs. No more than $10 per run seems reasonable, plus reduced rates for veterans as well as junior handlers. Always ofer a package deal with reduced price for all runs & for multiple dogs.

    My dog’s favorite part is getting to do the A-Frame more than once, like in the distance games. She usually has a big smile at the finish line to celebrate the end of a great run.

  22. I don’t like having to get to a trial super early to get my dog measured when the novice runs are usually later in the day.

    Most venues that I have signed up for have had this measuring process in their rule book, so I doubt anything can be done about it. AND after that first or second trial, it isn’t an issue anymore.

    And also, it would be great to know ahead of time when the lower classes were going to be running. I have a hard time judging when I need to be there if there are lots of excellent runs ahead of when I run. Also, when/if I get into the excellent class, this won’t be an issue anymore.

    My dog loves the car ride there and loves the walks we go on inbetween runs. After a run, she gets her treats, and I always take her on a walk, even if it is a short one around the building or grounds.

  23. I would say the worst part is not having competitors up in line or not quite ready on the start line. It makes for long days with those few extra minutes adding up quickly. My dogs love to be around the people getting the extra attention and playing with all the cool toys that make this life a blast.

  24. i have to second the way too early in the morning comment above. i’m not a morning person, at all, and it seems no matter what level i’m at or classes i’m entered in, i always seem to be in the first class of the day.

    and chase’s favorite part of the trial? sniffing and sniffing and sniffing…and then peeing where everyone else has peed before him.

  25. My biggest complaint about trials is how early in the morning they start 🙁 But I doubt they’d change that for me (I’d love an evening run under light with glow in the dark obstacles, haha). My dog don’t care though. He’s always ready at any hour.
    His favorite part of a trial? Riding there in the car!