Taking off

Q. I have a problem in training my older dog who thinks in slowing down is not agility and i am having a lot of trouble getting her to touch the aframe sometimes (very rarely she gets the colour) she jumps off half way down and all i want is another 4 q in masters and she can stop doing agility and do games and jumping as thats not as much inpact on she shoulder , due to her jumping off the aframe she has hurt her shoulder.

Can you please help as she has so much fun and she still has at least another 4 – 5 more years to go hopefully

A. I think that the best bet for your dog is contact zoners.  If the dog can’t jump, she’ll learn that she has to run all the way down and off the contacts.  Also, for her shoulders sake, train the A-frame with the contact zoner on a leash one or two times (don’t let her leash get tangled in the zoner, but you need to be in control of her descent – try a leash tab or a short leash) so you know she won’t just knock the zoner over.

Another idea is to put a jump a few strides after the A-frame so that she’ll have to go down the a-frame to take the jump.

Work on your ‘easy’ command (I know, way easier said than done- lots of dogs are very fast ‘I can’t hear you la la laa’ dogs.) so that your dog won’t jump.

Never reward a jumped contact zone. Ever. Even a little. Turn away and stop the run and make your dog redo it, with guidance (if this will cause her shoulder undue strain, don’t, but if she’s good for one more, then do so.)

Best of luck!