Variety is the Spice of Life!

And isn’t that the truth? Humans don’t like to always eat the same things, and most don’t like to always do the same things.

While some dogs are happy going over the same course day in and day out until they’ve worn bare patches in the yard, others crave that spice. Take a look at your course- is it dry stick-in-the-throat boring? Change things up a little! Here’s a list of ideas to get you started

  • Find a new kind of treat and use it
  • Change out a bar jump with a spread jump
  • Add a chute to a tunnel (or take it away)
  • Turn the course around so everything is backwards (that is to say, start at the end).
  • Change where you’ve put the weave poles (or, change the obstacles before and after them.)
  • Add a new jump to your course
  • Skip the least favorite obstacle for a practice
  • Do an all-jumps course (or all tunnels)
  • Try handling from the other side

If you or your dog are bored, you need to change things so that you can learn. Bored people and animals do not learn, at all ever! Thrill and excite yourself and your dog, and get agility spicy!