Addictive? No!

What do you mean, it’s addictive?

That’s what I say as I clutch my cup of extra strong tea and eat my piece of chocolate in the mornings.  Addictive? No. Addicted? Not me!

Same goes for agility.  You know you’re (not) addicted to agility when:

  • Money is really not much of an object.  You can save to buy what you need (because you do need twelve weave poles…if not two sets of twelve!) and while you’re saving, you have a picture of it on your desktop, to remind yourself.  You have no money for anything else.
  • When you see a row of parking poles, or sticks, or trees, or bushes… or a mental image… you feel the need to weave through it and otherwise practice your handling skills- with or without your dog.
  • When your car has obstacles, leashes, treat bags and kennels in it and you’re okay with it.
  • When you decide another dog isn’t a bad idea- twice the fun, right? And this time you can start with a puppy…
  • Your firewood makes great jump wings or balancing obstacles.
  • So do your potted plants!!!
  • You know unequivocally how high your dog should be jumping in every organization you frequent.
  • You can find your records easier now- never know when you need them for trial entry or class entry!
  • You devote more time to picking treats for your dogs than you do picking snacks for yourself.
  • You probably devote more time to picking out dog food than your own menu planning.
  • Your eyes light up when you meet someone at a festival who praises your dog and complains about their ‘high energy dog, just don’t know what to do…’ a potential convert!!!
  • You suddenly find your dog is the best company you’ve ever had, and you want to spend more and more time with them.
  • You have fifty billion clickers.  You might not use them- but you DO have them.

I have all the symptoms above- and more.  But I’m not addicted.

I can handle it.

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14 Comments on “Addictive? No!

  1. I’m thinking of trading in my car for something I can easily put kennels in – is that a start?

  2. OMG! Poop bags, leashes, crates-it’s all in there. Oh wait, don’t forget the pod on top with the pop-up, sun shades, grass mat, chairs…..all ready to go just grab the dogs (lol). And, 2nd dog? I’ve got one ready to retire so I’m looking at a 3rd. Hubby would be horrified if he only knew 🙂

  3. Loved it…..I have talked agility to people with hyper active dogs while thinking of the potential that is being wasted. And the comment about the items in the car fit me to a T. Great insight

  4. No I am not additcted…(yea right)
    I talked my step daughter into changing the time of her Wedding Shower to later in the day on a Saturday in July so I can go to a CPE Trial that day. By the way she lives in Portland Oregon and is coming home for the shower and home happens to be Michigan!

  5. Ok, that was hilarious! I meet a disturbing number of these criteria, and I’m ok with that!

  6. Loved it! this is great!i do spend more picking treats for my dogs than snacks for myself.

  7. I laughed out loud about the time for a new puppy to train. That’s me. I saw the cutest little sheltie/pom at our local shelter and decided I was ready to train again. Fancy was just 5 months old but it was easy to see she had agility prospects. My first dog, Cheyenne, also a sheltie/pom is 6 and she was 2 when I adopted her, so it’s been quite a while since I did the puppy thing. We are having lots of fun and Fancy is learning quickly but I had forgotten how much work it was in the beginning.
    But addicted? No…….. 🙂

  8. Hilarious and oh-so-true! Just spent last night preparing, pre-portioning and freezing freshly cooked flank steak dog treats. My dogs eat so much better than I do.

  9. Very funny!

    You might know you are addicted to agility when you practice your front and rear crosses constantly——with and without your dog. When you are walking with other people and must switch sides with them, you practice your verbal cue and/or hand signal while executing a perfect rear cross.

    You might know you are addicted to agility when you dream that you are resetting a course because somebody has set all the obstacles to close. Of course the weaves shouldn’t be 2 feet after a jump!

  10. I am the queen of feeding my dogs the best possible diet regardless of time and money but “what’s for dinner?” is an annoying question from the husband……

  11. Ha ha, loved this post. 50 billion clickers? Oh my. And I thought my 20 billion was bad!