Dashing Dogwalks!

I’m just starting to work on the dogwalk with my dog, and he won’t get on it at all! What do I do? He’s too big to just lift him up on it!”

– An Agility Student

No, lifting your dog isn’t an option with bigger dogs, and not a very good idea with smaller ones, either! Your dog won’t learn to mind you very well, and will still be leery of the dogwalk. Instead, work to conquer his apprehension so he’ll approach the dogwalk with confidence! read more and see the video here…

1 Comment on “Dashing Dogwalks!

  1. Try just putting a treat on the base, where he wouldn’t have to even step on the dog walk, then after a few times, then a treat a little farther up so all he has to do is step on the dog walk. Let him get over his fear/caution, and slowly ‘treat’ him up and over.

    You might want to try a ‘pratice’ dog walk that he can see over so he knows there is ground/grass at the other end.

    Just some thoughts.