Gear Grabs

I’m not a naturally organized person. I get ready for class the day of class, and sometimes I can’t find what I’m looking for in time.

I started keeping all of my agility gear- agility only leash, agility only Mr. Squeaky and extra special squeaky kong, agility only treats- in a Toy Tote that I keep in the back of the car with Quick’s agility crate. Neither of them leave my car. Ever. I’ve added a few things to it as well, like a water bowl, a doggie poop bag roll, and a drool rag, and since then I have really been all ready for class except for fetching the dog! I put my keys and wallet and cellphone in a wallet within the bag so that I keep track of them as well as everything else.

What’s your trick for being prepared for agility? What’s in your grab bag? How big is it?

1 Comment on “Gear Grabs

  1. I have a small leather bag – 15″L x 8″W x 8″H – which has 4 outside compartments. I keep it by my door in the house and use it whenever I take the dog with me – not just for agility. It has a water bottle and dish, poop bags, an assortment of leashes, dog toy, container of dry bait, rags and paper towels, clicker, small spray bottle for discipline.