Rabies, Ticks, and Fleas! (oh my)

This time of year is the beginning of the worst season for rabies, ticks, and fleas.  While any of these problems can occur at any time, incidences occur most between June and September. Keep a close eye on your dog!

If you suspect an animal has rabies, call 911 and stay inside.

If your dog experiences any sudden behavioral changes, such as overly affectionate, aggressive, lack of appetite, gain of appetite, limping or acting as though in pain, take them to the vet for assessment. While it may not be rabies, it may be another illness or injury.

Inspect your dog regularly for fleas and ticks.  Even with a tick product, ticks may still get on your dog and then transfer to you once they are repelled by the dogs’ medication.  Remember to remove a tick as quickly as possible, as lymes disease is not instantly transmitted.  The faster you move, the better!  swab the tick with alcohol or flea and tick medication, and use tweezers to carefully remove it.  Drop it in a jar with rubbing alcohol in it, seal the jar, and dispose of it.

To minimize your chances of your dog getting ticks, keep your lawn mowed and your dog out of tall grasses.   Check your dog after every walk!  Fleas are more insidious parasites- the best defense against fleas in my book is a good offense with a product! We have a recipe for a holistic flea powder here- let us know if it works, or if you use something else!

Have a happy, healthy summer, and remember to do your agility! 🙂

For more information regarding rabies, and flea and tick-borne illnesses, check cdc.gov.