Why Your Dog Does Agility

There’s so many reasons to do Agility as a pastime and a competitive sport- fitness, bonding with your dog, fun… but have you ever thought about why your dog does agility?  Sure, your dog likes running around… and he loves spending time with you… and agility is mad fun… but none of those are reasons for your dog.  They’re benefits!

Put simply, the reason your dog does agility is you.  He wants to please you, and to do as you say.  So you become happy when he jumps things (which is so much fun!) and so he is happy, too! boy, that was fun AND it made momma or poppa happy!  (As compared to chewing socks, which only made HIM happy, and you very unhappy…) Your dog is out there for you, and you need to be there for him!  Even if your dog ‘screws up’ on course, don’t give up on her.  Keep running, keep signaling and tell yourself next time it’ll go better and you’ll get it right.  Don’t stop and throw your hands up in exasperation.  There’s always another run, and your dog doesn’t need to know it should have taken the jump instead of the tunnel, because by the time he’s already done it it’s pointless!  Keep agility positive for your dog, so he will continue to want to do what you ask him.

Dogs love to please.  Make things easier on your dog and remember that you’re only a human, and that they are only a dog.  Neither of you are perfect.  The love between you, however, is.   In the grand scheme of things, that’s what matters.

You work together, and play together, and look out for each other.  When you compare that to a missed weave entry or tunnel ), what is it? It’s not much, really.  If anything, it means you get to spend more time together, ironing out that particular wrinkle.  What didn’t break you made you stronger as a team and as individuals.

You ask agility of your dog, and he delivers.  It’s wonderful  for both of you and a great way to keep your best friend in shape and out of trouble! But remember, ultimately, you are the dogs’ reward for a job well done.

…But the cookies are great, too.

3 Comments on “Why Your Dog Does Agility

  1. Our dog is currently a therapy dog but I believe he can do well too with agility. He loves to fetch, swim and herd too.

  2. We do agility becasue it’s fun – since both my husband and I compete (me with my corgi and he with his Scotty) it’s time spent together, outdoors in the fresh air (sometimes too fresh!).

    And it’s great for the dogs. Not just for bonding, which is important. At our last vet visit she commented that it was so nice to see dogs that weren’t over weight.

    Because of the Scotty the dogs go to the groomers every six weeks (the corgi just get a bath and a nail trim), and she says they are the most muscular dogs she grooms.

    So the exercise is good for them (and us!). This is our first go at agility, and while I’m not the best trainer in the world, my dog doesn’t care if we don’t come in first. We’ll get better.

    • It is mad fun! I really enjoy agility a lot.

      Isn’t it nice when our vets notice our dogs’ health? My dogs are both very healthy, fit, and active.

      Dogs don’t care about anything but us- and they don’t know your training style isn’t perfect! To your dog, you are perfect, so it’s all good!