A Sad Class

It was a sad class for me this week. Quick is sick as a dog, so no agility for him! (Don’t worry, the vet said he should be fine, he probably just ate something that made him sick. Me, I’m still worried… but that’s me!) It was so hard to go to class to watch without my baby boy with me! He looked so sad as we pulled out of the driveway.

I was the gopher for setting up the class, which was fun and a change! I helped set up the course, watch other people with their dogs, and generally absorb as much information as possible. On a side note, I’m officially in love with jumps that have the height clearly engraved on the cup (like our competition adjustable jumps). Without it, setting the jumps is a real nightmare.

Our trainer ran her dogs for us so we could see how contacts and handling work, up close and personal. Oh, wow. I can’t imagine!!! Quick’s going to be that good one day? It seems impossible my big boy will ever be as good, but I know it is possible.

Agility classes without your dog are both good and bad. They’re good because you can pay close attention and plan how you’re going to use your makeup class your instructor was generous enough to give you. They’re bad because when you look down, excited to share what you just figured out the instructors’ instructions, your best friend isn’t with you, waiting for you to share your enlightenment.  There’s no answering tug on the end of the leash, no cold nose on your leg, no after-practice snuggles.

It’s honestly a little heartbreaking. I’m looking forward to Quick being healthy enough to practice with me. I even got him extra-special treats to make up for being ill!