Blowing Bubbles

I can’t have a puppy pool in my yard according to the rules. That’s disappointing, and downright heartbreaking when my hose-phobic dogs are both lying flat on their sides in the 97-degree shade, puffing like little locomotives. It’s too hot to run. It’s too hot to play. It’s too hot to even want to eat!

I solved that problem with my good friend, under-the-bed storage Tupperware! I filled it with water and then the dogs started to play! It’s not nearly big enough for them to wade in, but they stand in it up to their ankles and the look of relief is adorable.

Quick is not satisfied with standing in the water. He has to dig in it, and blow bubbles. He loves to blow bubbles! He blows them, runs around the yard at full speed, and then comes back to blow more!

Heres’ a video link to training your dog to blow bubbles. I’m lucky- Quick does it naturally! I could put a cue to it, but I’m not sure I want to.  Can your dog blow bubbles?  What does your dog like to do in water?

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5 Comments on “Blowing Bubbles

  1. What an adorable video. We call it snorkling (many loud bubbles are made) at our house when our mix goes fishing for a bit of kibble in the water bowl. She does get to splash in her own kiddy pool and pounces on the river rock for a long time and then flips it out of the pool with her nose. The two Ridgebacks watch from afar, since obviously our Holly does not know water is poisonous, unless of course you are just drinking it!

  2. I bring home a cup of sonic type ice from work every day and add it to the dogs’ water. My 8-month old mini aussie, blows bubbles naturally as she “bobs for ice”. It’s hilarious and the more I tell her “good bubbles, good Mia”, the more bubbles she blows. Of course, at the end of the fun, everything and everyone is wet!

  3. Toby just communicated to me that he liked to retrieve shells or rocks in shallow water. Obviously he blows bubbles while grabbing the rock/shell. Comical stuff!!!

  4. I loved watching the video. Maybe I will give it a try with Muffin. Of course I will have to tie her ears up first. LOL