Dog Height Card

My dog’s temporary height card is signed and I’ve sent it in to USDAA to get my permanent copy. I’ve entered a trial and I don’t know if my new card will be returned in time. What should I do?

A USDAA representative says that competitors who need proof of their dogs’ height during the processing of their permanent card should contact the office and request a letter to show trial secretaries. The height verification letter can be mailed out immediately and used the same way as a permanent card. Permanent cards are batch-processed by an outside agency, and it can take three to six weeks before a card arrives in the mail.

USDAA subscribers may print the dog information page from their account and use that as well. Both the letter and printout contain all the information the secretary needs for check in. A competitor who does not have a letter, printout, or card may still compete at a USDAA trial. The dog in question simply needs to be measured at the event to verify his height.

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