The USDAA just announced their regulation changes on July 1st- there’s some big ones!

24″ weave spacing for all!  I love that.  Speaking as a big dog owner, I really appreciate them allowing 24″ weave spacing. I know that some may not like the bigger poles (more work for the littler dogs, might be tough to re-train) but it’s a real safety concern for my dogs that is now a weight off of my mind.

They’re also allowing a displaceable (breakapart) tire.  That’s awesome!  We’ve talked about tire jumps several times, and how dangerous they can be if your dog makes a mistake.  USDAA trials are condoning the use of safer tires.

Agility should be safe for all dogs, and fun.  USDAA has changed their rules to make their trials and clubs safer for our friends, and it’s up to us to make sure it’s fun!

2 Comments on “Go, USDAA!!

  1. I have an 8″ and 12″ dog, and I’m not so sure about the 24″ change… it’s better for my corgi, having such a long back, but probably not an improvement for my 12″ mix.

    I’d like to see some more useful changes, like requiring rubberized contacts, or at least lowering the a-frame for smaller dogs. It’s super hard for my corgi (and hard on his back) to scramble up a full-height, painted a-frame. On rubber, it’s no issue at all – he’ll just saunter on up with a big grin on his face. Most of the small dogs in our classes have the same problem.

  2. I too have big dogs and like the 24″ change between poles, however I do not see why the smaller dogs have to deal with it. Why can’t there be pole changes just like jump heights? While they change the poles, there can be a 2nd walk through. 16″ and down is often a very big class and needs another walk through anyway.