Overwhelming Obstacles

Many obstacles in life look overwhelming. Many of them are overwhelming if looked at as a whole, and so often we just back away from them because, well… it’s too big! It’s too hard! There’s no way we can do it!

Our dogs see some obstacles this way as well. Too big an A-frame, the tunnel is too long, the pause table is too high and I have to sit too still and I just can’t do that.

Take the obstacle apart, for you, and your dog. Make it smaller, change the angle, or break up the steps. For you- don’t try to clean the garage all in one day if it’s piled high in rubbish. Break it down into sections and take one a day. For your dog, start it low, start it slow, and build towards the finish. It’s easier to start slowly than to go too quickly and end with a behavior you didn’t want.

Nothing’s too big, too long, or too hard if you’re willing to take it easy and keep at it! Your dog will go with you, and between the two of you…

There’s not a whole lot you can’t accomplish.