Tips for Working in Water

Hi, I bought my dog jumps and he is really short and fat. But he can jump the height of the jump…. I want him to jump the water jumps but I don’t think he will do it. I know I can’t force him but do you have any tips?????

Hi there!

Start out the water jump as a regular jump, and then, when your dog loves doing that (lots and lots of treats! try slim-treats, carrots, or berries if your dog is overweight.) turn the water on to a trickle- not a full spray. When he loves doing that, turn it up a little higher, and then a little higher, until he’s enjoying full spray (NEVER Full blast from a hose, that’s too much water pressure. Probably around 1/2 pressure.) of the obstacle. Remember to keep it positive and fun- you’re right, you can’t force him, but you can trick him into loving it, by rewarding with food!

Hope that helps!