Agility Lightweights?

When I took my dog to the vet recently I was shocked to be told that he was, indeed, still in a healthy weight range. I felt he was much too thin, but the vet shook her head and said “Not really, many agility people like them lean.”.  I never really noticed overly lean dogs in agility.  Lots of dogs that are healthy weight, but not necessarily ‘lean’.  Is your dog a lean, mean, jumping machine?

Speaking of skinny dogs, this is feed a homeless shelter pet week.   There are nearly a thousand members to this blog- and many more I am sure are watching!  If all who read this entry go to this week alone, we could feed countless dogs and cats together and help them as they wait for their forever families.  Another great website that donates dog food to pets in need is the Animal Rescue Site. Neither costs us anything but a few moments of time, and could make a world of difference to someones’ soon to be best friend.

4 Comments on “Agility Lightweights?

  1. My Welsh terrier is on the thin side. She weighs between 15 and 16 pounds and is 15 inches at the withers. When we go to the vet and/or her chiropractor, they tell me she is a good weight and would rather see her a bit thin than overweight.

  2. Oh, I feel so virtuous, as I click on to Free Kibble and the Animal Rescue sites every morning from work. Really enjoy the quiz at Free Kibble.

    And my corgi was sick and in the emergency hospital, and after three days were reluctant to let him come home as they were thinking he lost weight, as he only weighed 29 pound. I explained that this was his normal weight and the 31 pounds he weighed at admitting was due to the fluid the regular vet gave him for dehydration before sending him on to the hospital for more tests/overnight care.

    We go a Corgi meetup and he’s by far the skinniest corgi there. At 12” and 28 to 29lbs, he’s right at the standard. And yes, he does agility and is very fast.

    Our vet has commented that is so nice to see a dog that’s no overweight.