At Last, Pictures!

Thanks to my kind classmate, we got pictures of Quick! Isn’t he huge? (and adorable!) for all his photos, you can go to our facebook page– I’ll be putting them all up there shortly!

Quick started out the night with his dewclaws neatly taped so he wouldn’t hurt himself. He never has, but I live in perpetual fear of it. By the time he came out of the crate for his first nose-touch session, he had removed it. Oii.We’ll try that again!

His nose touches suddenly became spot-on, almost! At the beginning of class he was insisting on using his feet and only his feet, but by the end he was pecking away with his nose! It was amazing to watch him figure out what got him food. (We went with Yummy Chummies again this week, they smell like fish food, and he loves them.)

From there, on to the A-frame and Dogwalk! He was bypassing the contact zoners on both ends gleefully at first, but then he got the swing of things. He went through- often taking the zoner with him! For big dogs, I think I will really suggest either using a large wire zoner or a NADAC Hoop. Quick took it with him more often than not. He did launch himself from near the top of the A-frame on his first go. The look of bliss on his face was amusing. After that he behaved himself! He did beautifully on the dogwalk, and has even started going ahead if I hang back telling him to go. I’m very vocal. It will be a challenge if I ever try to run mute.

The class started working on shadow handling. Quick and I had a little bit of a leg up there, since we’d worked on it in his first class, but the instructor says he swings out a little too much and we need to work on that. We will! Swinging butts are unacceptable.

I’m going to miss classes. Quick will too, he gets so excited to go play agility. I hope to be able to attend some in a few months, but we will see how it all works out. This is by no means the end of our agility journey!