Class Time- On Time

I do my best to be punctual to classes, but this week due to a broken-down car, relatives staying at my house, inability to find anything due to the broken-down car, I was late to class. It was only my friends’ kindness that got me to class at all, for which I am so grateful. But arriving late to class made me wince. I missed setup, and about five minutes of instruction. I caught up quickly to the rest of the class, but it was a bit of a struggle! I don’t like not knowing what’s going on, no matter how short a time it is.

First with some restrained recalls, and I have to say… Quick loves him some tunnels. He especially likes to pretend they are dogwalks and so he runs along on top of them, making happy puppy sounds. Doofus!

Quick got his nose smacked for growling during the restrained recall. Am I harming his drive? Probably, but I’ve had about enough of his lack of manners. Next time he growls for a restrained recall, it’s going to be crate time for puppy. I realize he’s just vocalizing not liking being held on to, but sorry Quick- tough beans.

After warmup, we went to our first set of weave poles. I need WAY more training than Quick does! We’re working with a set of channel weaves (nice metal ones like our versa weaves) and I consistently forget to walk through the weaves to get into my position! I do very well with not leaning forward (which can force a dog out of the weaves) as I call him to me. We’re progressing in little steps. We only made it through poles down, but eventually we’ll be going the whole way, no problem. I’m sure of it. I like channel weaves, since it teaches dogs the end behavior all the way along. You go straight through!

After channel weave practice we moved on to target practice. Nobody did well on this. Quick was abysmal and a little frustrated. He wanted the freakin’ treats! NOW! Our trainer said we moved ahead to fast, and now we’re all working on ‘it’s your choice’ games. Sit down with an upright closed hand of yummy smelly treats, and wait for your dog to stop pawing, chewing, and licking your hand and for him to either look away or sit down or otherwise be polite. Open your hand and take out a treat. If the dog moves towards your hand, well then. Close it like a bank in the great depression! My hand really hurts now, though. Silly puppy was gnawing on it like a recalcitrant Kong toy. It’s going to be a fun challenge with him.

Quick is still having tummy troubles, and I am nearing the end of my rope with him. He’s acting healthy, but nothing’s ‘sticking’ inside. Hopefully his hamburger rice diet will help…

Edit: Quick is doing very well on his open and closed hand game. I’m not doing as great with the opening, but I’m a fast closer. We’re still working on it! Has anyone else played this game?