Horror of Heartworm

I have a friend who works in a vet clinic. She’s a good friend to have, she helps me know when to run screaming to the vet, or just tell the dog they’re being a drama queen. She’s also great for helping me read dog food labels… which is a whole ‘nother blog entry on its’ own.

Yesterday we met for lunch, and after a few minutes chatting she paused and said ‘Hey, your dogs are on heartworm medication, right?’

I told her no, since I test them yearly and believed that to be sufficient.

She nodded and said “You might want to get them on it.” It turns out she’d had nearly an entire kennel of seventeen dogs test positive for heartworm about twenty five miles from where I live! That’s a lot of dogs mosquitoes could have bitten and became carriers for.

I beat feet to my vet to request a test and get them their medication, and they’ll be taking it throughout this season. Heartworm scares me. Please be aware of it in your pets! All it takes is one positive animal to infect an entire neighborhood of loved pets and companions.

For more information about heartworm, go here, and talk to your vet. Don’t delay!