Whatcha Got?

This is a question I ask almost every day, regarding my co-workers lunches.  They ask me what I have, too.  It’s human nature to see what everyone’s eating!

My dogs are the same way.  If I give Quick a biscuit, and Nova a liver treat, there’s a definite ‘whatcha got?’ look exchanged.  And jealousy. I avoid this scenario at any cost!  They start milling around me, wagging their entire bodies and pressing up against me like 80lb cats.  It’s not as fun as it sounds.  Especially when they start bouncing.

What’ve you got?  What kind of food do you feed your dog?  These days it seems everyone has an opinion on what’s the best thing to feed dogs, and I for one am lost!  I feed a high-quality kibble, and my dogs do fine.  I give freeze-dried treats, or real-food treats like apple, potato, or cheese. What do you think is best? Do you like raw food? (if you feed raw, tell me how you feel about the new Delta therapy dog ruling, please? I don’t understand.) Dehydrated? Are you like me and spend hours researching kibbles that are best for your dogs?

2 Comments on “Whatcha Got?

  1. Although I feed a high-quality kibble, a tiny bit of canned food for variety, and healthy treats for training, I’m never surprised when I find others have slipped the dogs a jalapeno pepper, a sip of wine, or a bite of a cheeto. As long as they don’t go overboard or make the dogs sick,I don’t get too excited. Our dogs are healty and all of our pets exceed their expected lives. One dog loves lettuce, one loves cooked carrots, the other wants sangria and salsa.