Back to School

With the kids going back to school, it’s quieter around the house. My dogs are a little worn out from a long summer running in the sun, but now is not the time to rest on our laurels!

You’ve worked all summer on skills- what have you worked on? How can you improve on it? Was there something you neglected in favor of new skills? How are the perfect weave entries coming?  (Quick’s ‘wait’ is no longer reliable. Shame on me!)

Take five minutes a day (I work with Quick from 7:05 to 7:10, and Nova from 4:10 to 4:15), and work on that one skill or trick for a week. Then check back in and let us all know how you’ve improved, and what you’ve been working on!

Quick is going to be working on nose touches. Nova’s going to be learning a new trick!

2 Comments on “Back to School

  1. Since school has started I have less and less time to train with my dog Maple. I just entered grade 11 and have way to much home work,but have made some time to proof Maples weaves, with AAC changing the weave spacing to 24inc I was scared Maple would not hope through them anymore and walk. Today at practice I set the weaves up and started running to the weaves in shock I watched Maple zoom through them! He is not loving the weaves and we are ready for our trial on the 17th-19th.


    Sara & Maple

  2. I have been working on contacts (2 on, 2 off), and not leaving until he hears the word “release”. I vary the amount of time that he has to hold the position, from nearly instantaneous to a few seconds. I have also been working on independent weaves as I either stop or move away. I am going to continue to work on these two things, and this week we are also going to work on sharpening up our front crosses as we have a trial next weekend.