Beware the Little Dogs!

I feel for this handler who is obviously trying not to step on or kick their dog while running. How do you with small dogs ensure their safety from your own feet? I don’t think I could do it- I have two left feet!  Thank goodness my dogs are both huge!

And I think they are right- that IS the happiest dog on the course, lol!

11 Comments on “Beware the Little Dogs!

  1. Running small breed dogs is wonderful!! So many people think most dog sports are for the bigger dogs. I advocate in our local dog club, that people with small dogs can enjoy dog sports just as much as people with bigger dogs can. I live in a mountain rural community which most of the dogs are the bigger ranch dogs. The people with the small lap dogs,do not see their dogs doing much else. We do Agility Demos around our area, and the spectators are amazed when they see the little dogs come out and do the same thing as the typical Border Collies and Aussies. It’s Great!!!!

  2. There’s nothing wrong with running a small dog – the case in point is just an example of bad handling – poorly timed crosses that aren’t fairly cued to her dog, the dog hasn’t been taught to weave independently so the handler is trying to air-cookie her way through. Looks like an OPEN dog with a very inexperienced handler – her dog is all over the place because SHE’s all over the place.

  3. I run a papillon and a German shephard. With the shephard i have no problems, but i sometimes lose my papillon in a tunnelers corse. Everything will be going fine then i won’t know where my dog went. He eventually pops out from behing a tunnel. LOL

  4. I run two small breed dogs, a Papillon and a Pom/chi. It is harder to keep track of them, but What A Joy trying!!! Training can be just a little different and challenging. Practicing with larger dogs is a bit of a trial with the lowering of the jumps when we run, but the rest of the group loves to watch the little ones run, so does not mind the inconveinence.

  5. I run my mom’s Chihuahua in CPE. They learn to stay out of the way of your feet at home first. In agility, once he became path driven and learned to check in with me when I cue it, we can work at a distance of 6-12′. You don’t have to babysit little dogs if you let them be dogs. FYI – My own dog is an ACD.

  6. My favorite little dog to watch running locally is a Papillon. She and her handler are so in sync and there is no need to worry about stepping on her. The concern appears to be keeping up with her! LOL

  7. I don’t know if it’s a problem with smaller dogs more than larger, but this pup seems a bit clingy to momma’s side and needs to work more confidently from a distance. Haha, I have those days too. Mommy!

  8. I am learning agility with a Bedlington. I haven’t had too much problem with his running under or in front of me unless I direct him (wrongly!) to do so. I am much more worried about my own feet when I run. LOL! Had my first tumble over a tunnel while doing a front cross. No damage done! Now I am “baptized” so to speak!

  9. I run Cavaliers and stepping on either of them has never been a consideration in training or trialing. When you live with small dogs you learn to look for them in daily life.

    Former Berner Mom

    • That’s good! I’ve never lived with a small dog, that must be why I worry about it. 🙂 It’s not that I don’t want a small dog- it’s just that my shelter specials have turned out a little big bigger than planned, LOL!