Dog Packing

Hiking is a great way to exercise and get out, and here in Upstate New York, we have some gorgeous hiking trails!  We went hiking the other day, and my dog carried his own weight with a backpack. He had two water bottles, the car keys, his treats, my sandwich, and my cellphone in his backpack.  I would never have been able to walk up and down the hills for as long as we did if he hadn’t carried the backpack.  The nice thing about a big dog is they don’t know they’re carrying five pounds!!! My favorite part about carrying water for the dogs and myself is that halfway through the hike the water is drank, and thus the weight is halved before the walk back to the car. Has anyone else noticed the walk back is longer?

The backpacks we carry here at Affordable Agility are perfect saddlebags for starting your dogs in the wonderful world of carrying. You can use backpacks around the house for fun.  Train your dog to carry items to family members in the backpack.  Make sure they get a treat for being such a good deliverydog!

1 Comment on “Dog Packing

  1. I own Jack Russell Terriers! I bought two from a breeder 15yrs ago and now have 15 dogs that I breed, show, and love. I am lucky to have an agility course in my yard and I work with them every other day weather permitting…..My dogs love the tire jump so I would have to say that is their #1 choice.