Course Planning and Plotting

You never see the same course twice at a trial.  Don’t get too set in your ways!  When you set up your obstacles at home, it is important to frequently change the order, and to have a plan. If you don’t, you and your dog will just run around willy-nilly and your dog will learn to do as he pleases.  Numbered cones help to develop a sequence, as well as having a starting point and an ending point. Sometimes where you start and end can change the whole experience! Begin at the end, and end at the beginning!  If you’re a perfectionist like I am, course setting can be a nightmare.  I want it to be just perfect!  This source can really help with setting up courses.

Set up marker poles to replicate a real trial. It will help your dog to know what he’s getting into. And as far as having a plan, there are many great resources and ideas for courses that are free for trying. Click here to read more, and check here for training a great start line with your dog!