More About Pointing

As we’ve discussed in an earlier blog, dogs get a lot more out of our body language than we think sometimes!

4 Comments on “More About Pointing

  1. I really appreciated that eye opener! Another training tool and insight into our wonderful team players, our dogs. One can never learn too much!

  2. I loved that Discovery Channel show. We dog folks all know that dogs are amazing and in tune with us. Although the eyes-closed treat experiment was a little weighted, the dog was waiting longer for the treat. It would have been more valid had it been in two sessions, one with eyes open and one with eyes closed. Maybe the dog just ran out of patience 😉

    I do love amazing folks with my dog’s “psychic ability” (aka body language reading 🙂

  3. Nothing new – since attending Nina Bonderenko seminar 3 years ago, I have been demonstrating in my training classes that dogs watch your body language very closely. My GSD will sit down stand in any order only using my eyes.

  4. This is simple verification of what most dog owners and all dog trainers know.
    Besides the eyes open or shut case, the very expression on a person’s face effects the dog’s behavior.