USDAA Cynosports

Are coming up tomorrow!!! USDAA posted a fun list of tips on their website, here. Also, you can watch the fun at Sign up now so you don’t miss anything!

“Now that the Cynosport schedule is available (here), some competitors are breaking out highlighters, index cards, and multi-colored pens to get organized for the Games. Here are some of the ways that¬†handlers use the running and walking order schedules to organize their trip to the Cynosport World Games:

*Renee King uses a small calendar (of sorts) designed by Jamie Lynn which has the each day of the Games divided up into blocks and each block filled with the class, what ring she should be in, and what time she should be there. She makes one for walk throughs and one for her runs, cuts them out, pastes them on an index card, and laminates it.

*Anne Andrle does something similar. She says, “I like to make a cheat sheet and type up just my schedule, apart from the other zillion groups and times. It makes things much simpler for me and I don’t have to sift through looking at the other groups.”

*Diane Sanders has a friend who writes her walking and running times on her arm with a pen so that she never forgets where she is supposed to be! Diane prefers to use paper: “I just use a highlighter to highlight only the classes my dogs are running in, the ring number, and the walk/run times so I can glance at them the night before in the hotel room. In the morning when it gets crazy, I don’t have to try to figure out which classes are running where and which classes my dogs are even in! I just look for the highlighted stuff. Simple, but it works for me. I then make a copy of that same schedule and highlight and write notes of which run times/ring number my friends are in so I can watch them if possible.”

*Diane Aramian also uses the schedule to determine when she needs to get her dogs ready. “I see where I go and mark the dogs starting four dogs in front of me. I also find a marker dog to watch up to and then leave to get them to go potty and get ready.””