Dogs are some of the most thankful creatures I know.  They don’t expect much, but when they get anything- attention, breakfast, a treat or a ball tossed- they light up with unbridled joy.  They’ve been given a gift, and they enjoy it to its’ fullest.   In Agility, my dog is grateful for the time I spend with him, the extra ear ruffles and puppy drumming.  He gives wags, kisses, and his absolute best to do what I want him to do.

What my dog doesn’t know, of course is that he is the gift that I am thankful for.

This Thanksgiving, take a minute to be as grateful for your dog as he or she is for you.

3 Comments on “Thankful

  1. I thank God for my dog often, and for all dogs helping people from being companion pets to assistance dogs to therapy dogs to working dogs etc, etc.

  2. Dogs really are great teachers aren’t they?
    I hope you had a great thanksgiving.
    I remembered to give thanks for my beautiful four legged friends.