Animal Abuse Registry?

Long Island- Suffolk County- is considering passing a bill to require animal abusers be registered, so that shelters and stores can know to not sell them pets, and people know to not let their pets roam outside their yard or leave them outside unattended.

I’m divided on this idea- I believe more should be done to protect pets, but I’m not certain a registry is the best idea.  What do you think?

5 Comments on “Animal Abuse Registry?

  1. Why not have the offenders register. Any other criminal act according to the law is logged. I believe it is a horrible act of crulety that is overlooked by all. When adopting a dog from a shelter you must go through quite a lot before they release an animal to you. But it seems that once the animal is out of sight the care and concern ends, Why? If abuse occurs it is a true image of the persons demeanor. Like the old addage (A leopard never changes its spots) so I believe there has to be more done by all of us to somehow regulate and try and stop animal abuse. My hats off to the organizations that police and protect, I love those people for what they do and stand for!

    • Carlotta: Yes, criminal acts are logged but they aren’t necessarily open for the public to view. The registry is different in that it is accessible to the public. I agree with you, something needs to be done for the poor pets!!!

  2. I think that’s a good idea, Martha. That way one time abusers have a chance to reform – ONCE.

    Sharon; I agree, it’s WAY too easy for abusers to get more pets. I don’t like excessive regulation, but people should not be allowed to hurt their animals.

  3. Perhaps we should legislate rehab for those people (much as was required of Michael Vick). Also, a registry could be set up for those offenders who have been in rehab but then repeat the abuse. This might protect people who are accused but are not convicted.

  4. I think it would definately help the animals that are bought by abusers. It would not allow so many offenders repeat so easily. Too many pets, just like too many people are being abused these days! sharon