Dog’s POV

Dog agility is a highspeed sport- but sometimes tapes of it can look slow. Watch this run from the dog’s POV to see just how fast it is!!! I think the most amazing part was the weave poles, I never even thought how disorienting those could be at speed!

6 Comments on “Dog’s POV

  1. Someone needs to put one of those little cameras that you can attached to a dog’s collar and then have them run the course — love to see a true picture (which I’m sure would make me as dizzy as this one).

  2. Awesome! Truly awesome! We don’t give our dogs, whether working dogs or “just” pets, the credit due them. Thanks for posting.

  3. wow … what an eye opener on the poles (got dizzy watching this) … understand why some dogs don’t like this feature!
    THANKs so much for sharing this one.

  4. I just love you folks. The dog’s eye view of agility is one of the best yet you have sent out. WOW!!!!