Keeping Score

Q. In AKC agility, when you get into Excellent B and you start getting points for your MACH, who keeps track of the points?

A. The AKC has a computer system that keeps track of all qualifying scores and points earned in any of their dog sports. To see points earned as calculated by the AKC, go to and log in to the online store. Click on “AKC Reports” then “points and Awards”. Enter you dog’s information and click “View Points/Summary of the Title Progression for this do.” This will display a free report that shows your dog’s information in detail, including what events have occurred but are not yet included in the repot. Even handlers who keep their own records should check the AKC site periodically to make sure that an error has not occurred.

Actually, every handler should record his or her own accomplishments in some way. Occasionally, qualifying scores are lost or points are miscalculated. The best way to make sure that your championship points are recorded properly is to confirm that your score is recorded correctly at a trial. You can do this by checking posted results before you leave the trial and keeping your own accurate records that you cross-check with the AKC’s listings.

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