The Scoop on Poop

I know my least favorite chore related to being a responsible pet owner- it’s poop scooping.  I have two very large dogs, and they leave piles appropriately sized in the yard.  As distasteful as I find this chore, I do it anyway, especially when we are out walking, because leaving the poop there is just very irresponsible!  Recently I found an article on the internet about poop- and using a dog park’s methane output to make a light!

That’s really, really neat. I wouldn’t even mind picking up if I could do something that cool with it.  Can you imagine apartment complexes having a unit like that for dog and kitty waste? (you would have to use biodegradable kitty litter, but that isn’t very hard to come by any more). It’s a ‘cool’ way to get people to WANT to clean up after their dog, and I think it’s one of the neatest ideas I’ve seen in a while!

7 Comments on “The Scoop on Poop

  1. LOL about the picture! That’s great and I love the idea of it going to a productive ‘end!’ I’ve put it in landscaping – she didn’t get any ‘human food’ and had some of the best looking plants! We have 3 large dogs and we have lots to clean up (they get almost no ‘human food’ – I’m thinking of adding it to my garden)! They have half an acre to run and ‘decorate’ it quite well. Odd that when I had one dog, she had one area that she used, but with 3 dogs, they seem to use it all!

    • Are you sure that’s okay? I’ve read that you shouldn’t use dog poop in vegetable gardens because dogs naturally have bacteria in their bodies that make us sick.

  2. Stop moaning about picking up poo. If you had to do what I have to do to my dog, post op nerve damage, you’d be thrilled if you could just pick up his poo.

  3. LOL Glad you like the picture, google pics has some real gems! Scooping dog poop is such a pain- I wish I had one of these generators! I feel like I could power the park myself!

  4. Wouldn’t this be fantatic! I agree, it would make picking up a lot easier knowing it was going to contribute to a good cause. I love the picture too!