New Years Agility Resolutions

Have you been letting your training slide? 2011 is a brand new year!  Your dog doesn’t know it, but you do. Traditionally, a new year is a time to start new habits and make resolutions.  Some stick, some don’t.

Here’s our list of my training resolution ideas- do you have any?

  1. Get conditioned!  I want my dogs to be on top of their game this year. (get in  shape too, while you’re at it!)
  2. Teach the dog to wrap as they jump
  3. Get those contacts perfected! nothing less than no missed contacts.
  4. Perfect start-line behavior!
  5. Remember that all my dog wants is to please me.
  6. Set a new course more often so my dog is challenged, and so am I.
  7. Step out of my comfort zone.
  8. Perfect my shadow handling.
  9. Try a new obstacle.
  10. Make new agility buddies, and see how much we can accomplish together.
  11. Have more fun!

4 Comments on “New Years Agility Resolutions

  1. Every year I make the same resolution…one I always keep…to work out and stay fit. This year, however, I have resolved to shake things up and get in my best shape ever, so I got kettlebells, which are a great way to hit strength and cardio at once. William, my sheltie, is fit, too, but my resolution for him to to BRUSH HIS TEETH, something neither of us enjoy.

    I should resolve to quit eating cookies but since I know that won’t happen, I won’t set myself up for failure.

    • Good for you, Lucy! I like that you don’t set yourself up for failure. I hate it when people make resolutions they just know they won’t keep. What’s the point?! Thank you for sharing. 🙂