Why Can’t You Go Outside?

I know, the weather outside is frightful, the fire is so delightful, and the dog under your feet is snoring. The last thing you want to do is go outside into the cold with the dog, and practice agility.  But what can you do? You put all your things away! (and slippery contacts are not good for your dog)

If the ground is frozen, without icy patches or deep snow, you can do pretty much anything! Drag your weave sets out, and set up some jumps!  Bundle yourself up, and if your dog needs booties, have them on, too!

While agility in snow is fun, remember to put safety first.  Don’t work your dog too hard in extreme cold, and don’t play agility if there are ice patches or horribly deep snow.  Have fun and get out of your winter rut!

7 Comments on “Why Can’t You Go Outside?

  1. Joe– Google Muttluks. Great booties for dogs!
    My dog would not go out in the snow without them, not even to potty. Maybe it is b/c she is a standard poodle and has the fur cleaned out from around her pads? But she is a wild woman in the snow/ice once you get her booties on!

  2. My dogs do love to do agility regardless of the weather. It’s a good way to get the circulation going for the human as well. In NC where I live, it’s not as bad as other parts of the US, but we do love to play in all weather.

  3. Resha sled dog equipment in PA has booties and are probably priced better than Petsmart. Can also easily be made if you have a sewing machine w/med whgt. needle/thread or by hand.

  4. Joe: try Petco.com? 😀 Or google for dog booties. Have fun!!!

    Vanessa: Way to go! Yes, our dogs don’t seem to notice the cold as much.

    Sam: Hardcore! Neither of my dogs care for frisbee, though I wish they would. Silly pups. 🙂

  5. If there isn’t much snow I do agility in the winter but typically I’ll do agility in the basement and continue with frisbee outdoors in the winter.

  6. i shovelled off a space and went to work on some jumps and the weaves and they love to get out and exercise