High and Wide

Triple jumps challenge dogs to jump high and wide.  This complexity often leads to dogs tripping over these hurdles, or knocking bars.  It’s crucial to practice regularly with these jumps, so your dog learns to judge depth and height.

How high? Triple jumps are set for competition at your dog’s jump height, with the jump height also being the jump width.  So if your dog jumps at 12″, the back bar is 12″ high, and 12″ from the first bar, with the first bar set at 6, the middle at 9.

Where to start? Remember to start the triple jump low – at half height – and narrow.  Gradually raise the bars and spread them to the full height and width, and your dog will soar over them with no trouble!

How can I make them more of a challenge? If you want to mix things up with your triple, proof.  Work your dog off both sides, and put the jump in different sequences on the course.  Practice sending out to it, coming into it,  and taking it before and after another jump, tunnel, contact… make the obstacle easy for your dog to complete by proofing thoroughly!

2 Comments on “High and Wide

  1. Right now…my biggest obstacle is ME! I’m new to agility but we are growing everyday!

    • Diane,
      You don’t have to be new to agility to be your dog’s biggest obstacle. My dog is ready, willing, and able and would have great success if she had a better handler.