Light at the end of the…. chute?

If, like many of us, you’re usually training your dog on your own, it can be hard to get them used to the chute.  They can’t see the end ! it’s scary! it’s dark!

To help your dog get used to chutes and tunnels, try putting another tunnel or barrel into the exit end of the chute to hold it open.  Your dog can see through! it’s a miracle!  Slowly faze it out after your dog gets the idea of running all the way through.

This tip is especially good for very small dogs, and young dogs, or anybody doing agility without a helper.

1 Comment on “Light at the end of the…. chute?

  1. Great idea! For my puppy training I am sometimes alone without a helper. I have a practice tunnel from Affordable Agility that I can use in there. It’s 9′ long but I discovered that I can put one ring inside the other and turn part of it inside out to fold it back and make it shorter. I never thought of keeping the chute open with it! Cool. That’s why I read these blogs. I always get inspired with ideas.