Easter Egg Hunting!

Have a great Easter, everybody!  Remember to keep chocolate well away from your pups, and enjoy it yourself!  Here’s a few ideas to Easter-ize your course!

  • Invite some friends (with dogs) over and set up a course.  Randomly assign points to each obstacle, and everyone makes up their own course – skipping any piece they want, and reusing up obstacles they like.  Agree on a time limit, and see who got the most points! (You will need someone to set up the points for you, too!)
  • Hide treats around the house for your dog.  I would not suggest doing this on the agility course, because, well, my dog STILL checks places I’ve hidden treats! Fast learner when the reward is right!
  • What to do with leftover dyed eggs?  Eggs are very healthy for dogs – one a day ’til they’re gone (but please do follow USDA guidelines for spoilage).

Enjoy your Easter!

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