Four Dogs Running

Somehow, our class has shrunk to just four dogs!  Amazing.  It’s nice in some ways, the dogs get LOTS of one on one and obstacle time, but at the same time, it’s a little bit hard.  Quick was starting to act like a sleepy toddler towards the end.

He did very very well – we’re training 2on2off using stairs and a pause table, set up like a contact trainer.  Quick can’t target yet.  I’m treating him lavishly for holding the position at all.  He has issues and his back legs come down on top of him without him seeming to notice!  That’s our goal for the week, get the 2on2off behavior, then introduce his target.

Channel weaves went very well! I think I will invest in a set to have one at home.  I’m eying the PVC set for personal use, I want something light and easy and affordable! He’s doing four weaves right now, and did six successfully last week, once.  I hope he gets to twelve soon. I know, I’m impatient…

The nicest thing about agility is going home afterwards and Quick lies down and goes straight to sleep.  He looks so comfortable, happy and tired, all four feet in the air and snoring.