Bring on the Weaves

Weaves don’t come ‘naturally’ to dogs. Practice makes perfect!  What can you do to encourage speedy and accurate weave performances?

  • Don’t overdrill your dog; quit while you’re ahead.
  • Take it easy Weave poles are not trained in one session.  Accurate fast weaves often take weeks of five minute sessions to train
  • Give it up  treat your dog like it’s their last meal with you.
  • Keep your criteria clear Don’t reward less than perfect weaves.
  • Make Fast festive Once your dog learns to weave, reward enthusiastic, fast weaves.  Give a good job and a cookie for any weaves at all, but throw a party for a fast run!

With patience and practice, you and your dog can succeed on the weavepoles. What method you use doesn’t matter as much as the way you approach the training itself – positively and carefully!