Lead Us Into Temptation

Just Jump That Contact...

…wait, what? Actually, yes. You want to give your dog any and every temptation possible in practice, after he’s learned the correct behavior. Then when he’s in competition, he will stay on the straight and narrow, ignoring that dropped hot dog and the screaming people.  Practice should be so much more exciting than simply running around the backyard or agility field!

These proofing cards are awesome for step-by-step proofing your dog up to and not including swinging a dead cat. (No cats were harmed in making these cards, we swear!) Front and back temptations to not make contacts, to run-by, leave the start line, and refuse are covered, and how to teach your dog to do its’  job come hell, high water, or flung fluffy toys.

…and dropped hot dogs.

…..or weird hats.

Your dog WILL do his job, if you do yours with these proofing cards!

2 Comments on “Lead Us Into Temptation

  1. That is great proofing. My first obedience trial was held in a cow barn at the county fair. Nova flipped out in terror and tried to keep herself between me and the cows at all times! this led to horrible scores…

  2. I teach classes here at my farm where we have horses and mini donkeys. I have safe fencing but a determined (or small dog) can get under the fences. Week 1 (and even in my confirmation of their acceptance into class) I always warn people that I do have equines out here that can be seen from my aqility area and they should not let their dogs near the horses and especially not near the donkeys as donkeys will try to kill a canine (they are used to protect flocks of sheep in some places) but they also need to proof their dogs to ignore them. I will have people who are new out here do some heeling and attention work near the pasture fences when they first get here. Most dogs, after the first week or two out here are so focused on agility and their owners that they show little to no interest in the equines but there are a handful that have not been able to be taken off leash or cannot focus. In those cases it is best for them to take classes elsewhere. There are a couple of trial venues around here that do use horse arenas so the scent is still there and sometimes the horses are nearby so I do think dogs who can work through this at my place are able to trial almost anywhere!