Trial Temperature

Summer is upon us, and trials are in full swing all over the country!  Many clubs only offer outdoor trialling, rain or shine, or blistering heat.  It’s important to keep your dog as cool as you can!

  • Provide plenty of fresh, cool water.
  • A frozen kong can keep your crated dog content and cool.
  • Crate in the shade if at all possible, and if not, create your own shade!  I’ve seen plenty of pop up tents, sunshades, and umbrellas at trials, depending on how much space is available.
  • Bring frozen soda bottles and put them in the crate.
  • Some competitors swear by misting fans – whether or not it mists is immaterial, but a fan is a godsend on a hot day.
  • Cooling coats, bandannas, or blankets
  • Check around – sometimes on hot days the trial hosts will set up a kiddie pool to cool off hot dogs.
  • Pay very close attention to your dog!  If they tell you it’s too hot for them, please listen.
  • If it’s REALLY hot, it might be a good idea to turn on your car with air conditioning in it – with a sunshield to help keep the sun out of your car.

Trials should be fun for you and your dog, don’t let the heat beat you!  Do you have any tricks for keeping cool at trials to share?

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