Going Ahead by Leaps and Bounds!

Quick did his very first jump chute!  Amazing, he went from just meeting a jump for the first time last week to doing three in a row, with curvy tunnels on both ends.  He loves, loves, LOVES sequencing.

Sadly, I got too excited on his teeter and let him do too big a drop.  He got a little scared!  Fortunately, not scared enough to not love his teeter still, once I had lowered it again and softened the bump.  We will work on that a bit more, and I’ll remember to be patient.  Just because Quick loves motion doesn’t mean I can take him from a 6 to a 10 inch drop immediately.

The first night of outdoor practice, and Quick fell off the dogwalk because a cricket startled him!  I was watching him out of the corner of my eye as he trotted along the plank, happy as a clam with his tail up, and a cricket chirped loudly off to his right.  He turned to look, and yep, there he goes, falling off the 36” dog walk!  He got back up, looking very surprised, and after belly rubs and a treat, we did the dogwalk again, with no further mishaps.  I’m very glad it didn’t scare him so badly we had to start all over.  That would have been hard!

They’re really not kidding when they say you need a set of weaves at home! I’ve opting to get a set of stick in the grounds, because practice at class is just not enough for him to learn weave behavior.