Pet Insurance

I visit a lot of petcare, pet health, and dog-centric blogs, websites, and businesses, as well as reading articles about pets.  I love my job!  Pet insurance is a growing trend everywhere, and I was wondering – what’s your opinion?- do you think it’s worthwhile? Do you think it would be especially helpful for an agility dog?

I quoted my dogs, and their size and breed made the cost prohibitively high for me.  I would sooner save the money I would spend on my premium every month and use it in case of emergencies, since typically I only have to take them to the vet once a year (though there was the Incident with the Raccoon.) I wonder if it covers sports injuries? Hmm…

Also in related news, pet medications might be going generic! Just like human medicines, patents expire, and generics can be made!  Check out the full story here.

3 Comments on “Pet Insurance

  1. Although pet cat health insurance is often confusing because it is so different than human health insurance, once a pet owner purchases pet insurance, those discrepancies are beneficial to pet owners. If you need additional assistance with pet insurance and would like to ask a vet, consider asking an online veterinarian at VetLIVE.

  2. I have pet insurance on my dog and it is a great investment. We use PetPlan insurance. I knew I may not be able to handle catastrophic vet bills if she ended up with an inherited disease of her breed, so I got the insurance.PetPlan covers inherited diseases plus traditional and alternative treatments. Then, my dog had an agility injury which, to this date, the treatment has cost about $2200.00. I only had to pay my deductible. It costs less per month for her insurance premium than it does for me to order pizza 1 time for my family. If you can afford it (depending on the number of dogs you have), I would get it.

  3. I purchased Purina Pet Insurance when I adopted Bella. I read everything about if you could afford to cover the vet expenses it would not be a good idea. My previous dog Anni was 13 when she died and we never had huge medical bills with her UNTIL the last year of her life fighting cancer and we had serious bills. When I adopted Bella I thought what if? for $30.00 a month I decided it was worth it and hoped that I would never have to use. Well it turned out to be a great thing – In the 1st year of Bella’s life we ended up having tests/x-rays/surgeries you name it. I can honestly say I love Purina Pet Insurance. They make it so easy I simply fax my vet bills to them and within a week I receive a check. In the first year alone we spent $8,000 on vet bills and Purina paid $6,590.00 of that! Purina Pet Insurance Totally Rocks!