Stick in the Ground!

If you’re on a tight budget but you need weaves that can adapt to any training style for practice, stick in the ground weaves are for you.   Stick in the grounds also benefit situational learning dogs who shape their weaving behavior around the base.  Dogs who learn to weave by watching the base are thrown off by other base styles, making weave performances in competition a shot in the dark.  With stick in the ground weaves, there is no base to watch, and instead, the dog will learn to weave from the poles.

To set up your stick in grounds for channel weaves, take a measuring tape and lay it down, setting at 10’. Stick the weaves in every 24” inches for most venues – 21” inches for TDAA.  Offset them to the right and left of the tape, with the first weave set out to the right.

If your soil and lawn is just right, you can also set up the weaves as weave-o-matics!  This training style has fallen slightly out of style, but some trainers still prefer it.

2×2 weave training and straight line practice weaves are easy – just set up the 10’  measuring tape and stick the poles in appropriately.

For affordable versatile practice weaves, you can’t beat the stick in the ground weave set!