Contact Training

Do you want to train contacts, but don’t have the room or money to buy a full-sized A-Frame or dogwalk?  A contact trainer or mini A-frame may be just what you need!

End behavior Contact trainers are great for teaching dogs end contact behaviors.  If your dog is familiar with contacts, but not so great at stopping on them, a contact trainer can help you get that extra bit of practice in.

Puppies and Practice A mini A-frame is another great item for practice or puppies! It’s fully adjustable, so you can start out low and work your way up to its full height setting.

Surface reactive dogs Dogs that hate new surfaces would benefit from smaller contacts.  By separating the new things (height and surface) into just surface training, and then working on full-sized equipment, you can help your dog succeed.

1 Comment on “Contact Training

  1. I have a registered therapy dog with a high energy level that needed a way to learn new things as a stress reliever. This site has been wonderful for educating me as I learn about agility. Thank you!